Cameron Crowe is apologizing, the AP reports, to people who are "pitching a fit" that Emma Stone is a poor representation of someone that is a quarter Hawaiian and has a half-Chinese father, and shouldn't have been cast for that role in the movie Aloha.

Kanye moment: I'mma let you finish your complaining, but first...

So let me get this straight.  I'm writing a book but you get to decide how the character I imagine in my book should look?  Do you get to decide how they act?  Do you get to decide how they feel?

This is absolutely absurd.  This is a work of fiction.  IT'S A MOOOOOOVVVIEEEEEE!

Remember Mr. Strickland in Back to the Future?  Well, let's just say that I'm mad that Robert Zemeckis didn't choose ME for that role.  Never mind that I was about 5 years old when the movie came out.  I'm an actual Strickland.  Choosing some guy whose name isn't Strickland?  And don't even get me started on him having no formal background in education!

It's called "acting!"

How is this different from saying only gay people should play gay characters?

Crowe says, according to the report, that Stone's character, Allison Ng, was supposed to be someone that was "frustrated that she lacked outward signs of her ethnicity."

Well, then...

I swear, I read some of the dumbest stuff on the internet.  "Whitewashing" Asian-American movie roles, some have said.

As if to suggest that there is not a person alive with a fraction of Hawaiian or Chinese background that doesn't "look" Hawaiian or Chinese.

Hey, I'm a fraction Native American but I don't get offended by people not recognizing my heritage.  (Sidebar: I'm also not offended by the Washington Redskins or Chesaning Indians, but, I expect the argument will be that since I'm not a certain specific magic fraction Native American, my opinion doesn't count.)

Bottom line for me -- please stop.

Besides, the film only raked in a measly 9 mill.  Just sayin'.