Forget Deadliest Catch.

I can't imagine someone even attempting to take on the task of lining up all 289 of Eminem's songs and, not just picking the very best -- hard enough -- but actually placing them in an order representative of their relative awesomeness.

And, when it's all said and done, the number one song on the list isn't even actually an Eminem song.

I won't give away the list, but I will say this... I'm not certain I agree with the results.  But, let's be honest, I didn't vet all 289 entries.

So, you can check out the list Spin created and decide whether or not you agree, and you can check out the Top 10 Eminem songs on 97.5 NOW FM based on total historical airplay below.

10. We Made You - 88
9. Berzerk - 137
8. When I'm Gone - 241
7. Shake That (f/Nate Dogg) - 353
6. No Love (f/Lil Wayne) - 430
5. Lose Yourself - 545
4. Headlights (f/Nate Ruess) - 686
3. Not Afraid - 969
2. Love the Way You Lie (f/Rihanna) - 1,339
1. The Monster (f/Rihanna) - 1,479

PS - Their number one song doesn't even appear on our Top 10 list.