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How Far Do You Think Your Car Can Go on Empty?
If you like to drive and especially drive on empty it is kinda risky but according to this new chart you may have more millage than you think and maybe you'll save some money.
Gas Prices Drop Over Ten Cents This Week
If you are looking to take a day trip or a drive this weekend it might be the best time to do it since we have pretty cool weather and gas prices are very low.
What To Do This Weekend in the Lansing Area
It's a couple of days after Valentine's Day and its also getting a little warmer so even more of a reason to get out and check all of the events this weekend in Mid-Michigan
10 Best School Districts in Michigan
A few school districts in the Lansing-Area made the Top 25 Best School Districts in Michigan, find out who made the list and where all of other districts are ranked.
Nassar Brought to Federal Prison Today
Disgraced former doctor Larry Nassar has been found guilty and now he will do his time, for the rest of his life, in a federal prison in Michigan