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VAPING A Tide Laundry Pod?!?
DO NOT DO THIS OR TRY THIS! Do not smoke or eat laundry pods, detergents, other cleaning products and chemicals at all!
VIDEO Extra: Worst Roommate Bathroom Horror Stories!
It's a call that didn't make it on the air this morning as we were talking about your Worst Roommate Bathroom Horror Stories! I learned the women are far worse than the men! And will blast you on social media about it.
New Year, New Michigan Laws!
It's a new year and there are plenty of NEW STATE LAWS that go into effect.
We've got a link to the Michigan Public Acts Table so you can see everything that your lawmakers passed in 2017 that go into effect THIS YEAR!
New Justin Timberlake on FRIDAY!
He hits the stage for halftime at the Super Bowl on February 4th! His new album drops FEBRUARY 2ND! WE GET A NEW SINGLE THIS FRIDAY!!!