Earlier today, Alabama posted this video accompanied by a rant about how a Michigan State Police officer that approached a vehicle with his gun drawn was completely out of line and how it's caused her to lose faith in humanity.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't become extremely agitated after reading her rant, and even more agitated after reading the associated article.  Fortunately, many of your comments lessened the blow, as it seems I'm not the only person who thinks her rant was ignorant and the "investigation" related to this incident is a bunch of baloney.

The whole story is that the officer clocked a driver doing 77 in a 55.  He chased the driver for two miles.  When the driver finally stopped, the officer approached with his gun drawn.  The driver, who turned out to be an 18 year old girl, exited the vehicle.  She was consequently handcuffed and led back to the officer's car for a short while.  She was eventually released.

Read Alabama's rant here, then read my response below.

The fact that he is/was under investigation is hogwash and nonsense. Excessive force is a bunch of bunk. 

"I was intimidated" or "I didn't see you" is a pathetic joke of an excuse. It is your responsibility as a driver to know what is going on around you at all times.

It's offensive that any part of this story or situation references the suspect's gender or age. They are completely and entirely irrelevant.

When the suspect exited the vehicle, the officer took steps backwards which was clearly in an effort to make sure he was protected. 

He did not "man handle" the suspect. Once it was clear he was safe, he calmly and gently walked the suspect to his car. 

The prosecuting attorney's reliance on the officer's comment about a gun being pointed at the suspect as "the smoking gun" (no pun intended) is absurd. No one can ascertain the intention or sentiments of the officer but one could consider that, given the revelation of suspect's home having been robbed, the officer may have been attempting to change the mood (as is mentioned in the article).

This video shows the officer acting responsibly and respectfully throughout the entire incident.

There's MY rant.

Every day officers put their LIVES on the line, stepping out into the unknown.

We wouldn't be swapping rants today if, God forbid, that sweet, little, innocent, 18 year old *gasp* GIRL had pulled a gun on the officer before he drew his gun on her.

But, I'll tell you what I'm most sickened by in this whole situation; the prosecuting attorney.  What a spineless heel.  Way to stand in the corner of your people.  Even if the video was questionable -- which it's not -- you still have to give your own person the benefit of the doubt.  The prosecuting attorney just drags this officer's name through the mud and it's disgusting.  This is where I lose faith in humanity.