Every year, the Michigan State Police (MSP) audit school buses throughout Michigan, and the latest inspection found that more than 1,700 school buses not just failed to meet what are called "unsatisfactory" standards but allow buses to stay in service, but were deemed unsafe and removed from the road immediately until issues were taken care of.

The MSP released a complete list of the inspection by district.  Some local highlights include the Lansing Public School District, where more than half of the district's fleet were red-flagged; 72 of 133.  Another 17 buses were deemed  safe to operate but with issues that required rectification within 60 days.

In East Lansing, 6 of 18 buses were placed on the "red" list.

Some districts, however, got a perfect report card.  Among them, Holt, Stockbridge and Potterville.  All of those districts' buses passed the MSP inspection.

Is your child suddenly riding a different bus?  You might want to have a look at the list to see how your district fared.