Just heads up, I want to be open with this letter. Some of the details might be a little frank, but I promise, I don't get creepy...maybe. JK! I promise I don't get too weird.

When the book "Fifty Shades of Grey" came out four years ago, I didn't even give it a thought. Okay, maybe one thought..."Who would even read this crap?" Granted, I hadn't even so much as thumbed through it before I came to this snap decision. I just assumed that it was a romance novel accompanied by some vivid sex scenes and it's target audience was sexually frustrated/unfulfilled women. And being a woman who didn't count herself in that category, I decided the book wasn't for me. I forgot about it...that is until all of this "Fifty Shades of Grey"-The Movie, mayhem began.This last Monday, I purchased all three books on my e-reader in hopes of learning what all the hub-bub was about. And boy did I learn!

I finished up the first book earlier today and dove into the second one immediately. All-in-all, I'd have to say that this book was worth the read, considering how voraciously I'm devouring each word. Yes, it is a romance novel involving BDSM, but it's more than that too. It's about relationships and the struggles within them; how one can be haunted by their past; and yes, very detailed descriptions about mind-blowing sex. If I could choose three words to describe this series thus far:
1) Deceiving
2) Complicated
And overall, well worth the whopping $15 I spent to get them.

Now, my question to those of you who have both read the book AND seen the movie is this; Does the movie ONLY follow what happens within the first book?!?!? Without giving away too much, the first book ends kind of - abruptly. And I don't want to be sitting in the theater at the end of the movie yelling at the screen. So, please just tell me this...is the movie JUST the first book, or are all of the books wrapped up into one film? I would like to see it this weekend, but I want to be prepared for what I'm getting myself into.

Thanks for your time, and help! It's been helpful! As a thank you for donating your valuable time to my problems, I'll leave you with Mr. Grey...