18 year old Hayley Turner says she was abducted on Thursday night, hooded for a time and escaped her captors by jumping from a slow moving vehicle. Turner was found on Friday about an hour away from her home, in Ecorse. A resident spotted her and drove her to the police station. She was not wearing a shirt when she was found, according to a report by WDIV-TV.

Haley Turner was on the phone with a friend on Thursday night around 10pm after picking up some movies at a video store not far from her home. While on the phone, she told the friend that she was stopping to check on a person lying along the roadway, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department said. She told the friend that the man had a gun. Then the line went dead.

The friend contacted Turner's father who located the car minutes later in the same area that Turner had told the friend that she was stopping. Hayley Turner was nowhere to be found.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Dean and Crabb roads, east of Temperance — a few miles north of the Ohio border.

The Detroit Free Press reports a neighbor told police that a sedan was parked with its parking lights on in that area. One of the lights on the vehicle wasn’t working.

WDIV-TV says police have no decription of Turner's alleged abducters or of a vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office detective bureau at (734) 240-7530 (734) 240-7700.