You've always had to walk or drive all the way to Chipotle to get your toddler sized burritos... BUT NO LONGER! According to this Business Insider article, campuses across the nation can soon expect it to be delivered right to their front door! And guess what?!? Michigan State University is going to be one of those campuses!

That's right! Starting this Fall, Chipotle will begin delivering orders of their colossal burritos (and numerous other delicious wares) to residents on right on campus. You will pay for this convenience, though. Chipotle is using Tapingo, which is a food ordering app,in order to expand their delivery area. And this app has one of the heftier delivery fees I've seen, typically charging $2.99 to $4.99 per delivery. But that doesn't necessarily mean that YOU'LL be paying all that. Sometimes the restaurant will eat some of that cost. So I guess we'll have to wait until Fall begins to see how much it will cost. It will most definitely be worth it to die hard Chipotle eaters... *ahem, me* ...I'm just guessing.

Do you think you'll be ordering delivery?

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