The Michigan Department of Transportation has issued some pro tips on navigating the many potholes throughout the city and on the state's highways.

1. Grip the steering wheel firmly

2. Aim straight for the pothole

3. Take your foot off the brake

The three step process seems pretty straightforward, but isn't guaranteed anything.

MDOT agrees, the best case scenario is to avoid the pothole, but by following these three steps drivers have a better chance of maintaining control of their vehicle and reducing damage. But these steps don't completely protect against damage to your vehicle or to personal sensitivities one may have to sudden, harsh movements.

MDOT advises motorists that they can report potholes on state trunklines (roads that begin with I-, M- or US-) by calling (888) 296-4546 or clicking here.  MDOT only repairs potholes on state trunklines.

To report potholes on streets or roads other than these, MDOT advises motorists to contact their county or local government.

To make a damage claim as the result of hitting a pothole on a state trunkline, click here.