First of all, if you need a blow up doll to get a little action, yikes. But if you need one that looks this real, that's even scarier. I guess I never understood that whole thing, nor do I even know anyone who uses one. But hey, who am I to judge right? It is 2015 after all and with movies like 50 Shades of Grey being insanely popular, things like this were probably bound to come up in to our daily pop culture. Check out the photos here and try not to freak out because it is weird to say the absolute least.

Apparently these photos are a part of a photo series by a photographer named Stacy Leigh. So I'm not sure if they are actually real or not but cruising around the internet and Facebook today, I saw a photo of one of them and I stopped and did a double take. I thought, "there is no way that's a doll!" Check these out. She says in the interview that she sees dolls and robots being more compatible with human emotion at some point in the future? Could you see yourself with a doll or a robot? Me neither.