Tomorrow, November 4th, is midterm election day. And while you may not think your vote matters, it definitely does!

I am urging you to come out and vote tomorrow because the number of 18-29 year old people who came out to vote in 2012 versus 65+ year old people, is completely underwhelming. The number of Millennials (those born between 1981-1996 *that's me!*) who came out to vote in 2012 sits at just over 41 percent; while 72 percent of those 65 or older showed up to the polls in 2012.

And, I'm not the only person who wants your voice to be heard on election day... Lena Dunham of HBO's "Girls", and a slew of other celebs, came together to express their wanting you to vote and voice your opinions! Check out this hilarious video that has a strong, singular message...VOTE!

*Be warned that the video contains some adult material when it comes to what Lil' John says he's "turning out" to the polls to vote for...*