More accolades for the Lansing area in another cool online ranking. This time, pizza. The king of all foods. Okay, maybe not that far. But still my favorite by a long shot. In a ranking done by Thrillist, Lansing's De Luca's and East Lansing's Georgio's made the list as two of the best 21 pizza places in Michigan. I have been waiting to do a pizza based segment on the afternoon show and it seems as if today is as good as any day to do so. Back on the east side, there really are some great pizza joints, and they were represented pretty well on this list. The original Buddy's is a favorite of mine.

You can't have pizza on the east side either without making a trip to Hazel Park and having a slice or 12 at Loui's. People claim, and Buddy's does too that there is a "Detroit Style" of pizza where the sauce is on top. I'm not sure the truth behind that, I do like that kind of pizza though, and they serve some that way at Loui's in Hazel Park. Check out the list and see what some areas have to offer. I'm headed to Grand Rapids in a few weeks and there are plenty of places there that have made it on this list. Who got snubbed? What are some great pizza places around the Lansing area that should be on this list? Let's talk about it.