The historic building at 615 Hupp Avenue is about to have some fresh air breathed into it. The 14,000-square-foot building, constructed in 1910, was originally an automobile assembly plant used by the Standard Electric Automobile Company and was one of the busiest automobile plants in the state of Michigan. Ownership & operation of the building later included the Argo Motor Company, Briscoe Motor Company, Buick and the Hackett Motor Company.

Over the last 100+ years, the building was used as headquarters for various manufacturing companies until it was turned into the Jackson Citizen Patriot's storage unit.

But now, after an estimated restoration budget of $1.4 million, the historic building will be turned into the Hackett Auto Museum by 2019.

This auto plant was not some fly-by-night was among the first to produce the innovative electric autos, like the Model M and Runabout; the Standard Electric auto went as high as $1,850 while the Argo went as low as $405.

The proposed museum will also have storage facilities for classic cars, tours, event facilities and plenty of antiques, memorabilia, collectibles and history.

Keep an eye on the news to hear about more updates. In the meantime, learn more about Jackson's future Hackett Auto Museum by CLICKING HERE.

Then watch the video below!