It's that time of year again; you'll be casually taking a stroll through campus, when suddenly you get ambushed by a pack of zombies, and only God can help you now because you're down to your last three Nerf "shells". Yes folks, it's SPARTANS VS ZOMBIES time.

The Lansing State Journal spoke to some students about playing this ultimate game of tag, including one of the co-organizers, MSU junior Aaron Rozin. Rozin says that this game is not only a chance to blow off some steam, but it's "also a great opportunity to socialize with some people who you may never have a chance to meet." Others students agree with Rozin. Freshman Kenzie Raymond said, “I do this to let out some stress. We've been writing papers and doing coursework and suddenly I just want to run around with a Nerf gun.”

But don't let the foam darts deceive you, the game IS taken seriously. A complete explanation and set of rules can be found on the SPARTANS VS ZOMBIES website. This giant game of tag has been going on since Monday and wraps up on Friday. I wonder just how many Spartans will be left on Friday, if any? Just food for thought... lol. If you're participating, let me know how it's going by tagging 97.5 NOW FM in your pictures so we can start a gallery! Have fun!