I'm all for more nutritious options.  OPTIONS.  I'm not for banning some of the best lunchroom memories, like the square pizza or "double taco day."

But this photo depicts a school lunch that, according to the School Nutrition Association, "meets the requirements" of the new First Lady Michele Obama-driven healthier lunch initiative.


Why don't we just contract Kraft to provide Lunchables?  They seem to have the whole "healthy initiative" on lock.

Ideal: Students eat better which translates into better focus in school and better long-term health.

Reality: Students are not eating better or are simply not eating which translates into political debates, hunger, lack of focus, lack of energy and ultimately may or may not have any impact on long-term health.

I posed the question: If your lunch today had to be a hot lunch option from when you were in school, which would you choose?

Of more than 50 seemingly-excited nostalgic responses, only one referenced America's apparent problem with overweight kid and only one had bad things to say about their former school lunch.

Personally, I was introduced to so many new foods post-high school that I couldn't possibly blame what I ate in school for my weight or health today, not to mention that I was rail thin all through school, despite eating pizza, tacos and chicken patties every day.

I could lose a few pounds today but, according to the doctor, I'm healthy, and I'm relatively happy with my appearance, no thanks to fitness gurus and health fanatics, aka "bullies," that fat-shame people every day.

To clarify, I'm not saying that everyone that is a fitness guru or health fanatic is a bully, but for a culture that is so focused on eradicating bullying, we sure do spend a lot of time trying to convince people that they would be happier if they were thinner, a better role model for their kids or a "healthier version of yourself" -- popular quote.

In case there's any question -- I'm not down with the "healthy lunch initiative."