No, I'm not talking about hunky baby brother to Thor, Liam Hemsworth.  But, about her new boyfriend/possible husband, Patrick Schwarzenegger!

Courtesy Getty Images, Harry How

I was doing my compulsive bi-hourly Insta check when I came across a pic the wedding site I follow, loverly, posted (yes I secretly plan my wedding via Instagram regardless of the fact that I'm not actually engaged; see previous works). According to loverly and Life & Style Magazine, the duo exchanged secret vows sometime in the last two and a half weeks.

It was all very spur of the moment, it seems... and all VERY Miley! Instead of exchanging actual wedding bands, Cyrus and Schwarzenegger made impromptu rings out of 24k gold joint rolling papers. Yup.

While this is all very heavily rumored, I could totally see Miley doing something like this. Read the whole story HERE! What do you think, real or not real?