Guys, this sucks. SkyMall, you know the iconic magazine that you hilariously flip through on your flight to Florida with your family saying, "who buys this stuff?" Yeah, I LOVE that stupid magazine. Well, I hope everyone had their last laughs in and enjoyed themselves because it could be gone by the next time you get in a place to travel somewhere. According to The Verge the in flight magazine company has filed for bankruptcy. A stipulation of the bankruptcy agreement is that they will try and find a potential buyer for the company, but you never know in situations such as these.

Now, I'm just as guilty and honestly probably part of the problem because as much as I loved reading through the magazine and picking things out that I would buy when I become a millionaire, I never actually ordered anything from that magazine. Oops. But surely somewhere on a plane someone did. I mean they had to right? They wouldn't have stayed in business this long if no had. Have you? I'm definitely going to discuss on the air today because honestly, every memory I have flying is always associated with that weird magazine. I blame the internet. That's always the easiest thing to blame in situations like these. But in all reality, it probably does have something to do with in flight wi fi, right? Why shop in a magazine when you can do it right from you phone or computer?  RIP SkyMall. I'll miss you.