SAT and ACT season is back in the US as you try and figure out what school you want to go to and if your score will get you in. But before you start to study for the SAT check out some of the changes that are coming with the test this year.

1. Scoring has changed.

The test for the last few years has been out of 2400 but its back down to 1600 and guessing with not hurt your score.

2.The essay is optional.

And it has moved! You can now choose to take the essay at the end instead of the beginning and the essay will be based on your argument unlike the last couple of years.

3. Calculators aren’t allowed in certain math sections.

A big difference from previous years is that you will NOT be allowed to use a calculator on some sections. Also questions in the math section will also now limit answer choices to 4, down from the previous years’ 5 answer options.  Questions will be more real life situations and scientific math.

4. The new reading portions will focus on analysis.

Reading portions will ask students to do consider evidence, analyze and interpret a wide-variety of different texts, also you will be asked to analyze charts and graphs.

5. The vocabulary section is no more.

No more having to remember different vocabulary words as there is no vocab section anymore so you will have to use context clues while reading to figure out the meanings to words.