Finals are this week at MSU... That means lots of coffee, diligent note taking, and late-night (or all night) library study sessions for many people. I'm thankful that my days of taking finals are over, but I DEFINITELY know how rough they can be! MSU understands that the struggle is real too, so they decided to help!

The MSU Libraries have put together a ton of fun activities for Finals Survival Week: Spring 2016. Food, coffee, coloring, and petting dogs are just some of the activities you can take a break with this week. And taking study breaks is VERY important! So if you'd like to spend one of your study breaks coloring or petting therapy dogs, take a look at the full Finals Survival Week schedule HERE.

If you still need to be dragged away persuaded to take a break from studying, check out the video below. It shows therapy dogs who have visited MSU campus in the past to help out with stress associated with studying for finals.

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