No question about it.  The story is bizarre.  Video of a recent altercation between a naked man walking around an apartment complex and the police who were called to handle the situation went viral.  It's not just that the man was naked, it's what he did when he was confronted by the officers.  He began biting them.  The screams of the officers can be heard on the video as they tried to subdue him.  Three Meridian Township officers ended up in the hospital.

Anyone might presume that the guy was on drugs.  Maybe that's what the officers thought, maybe it's not.  But, it'd be a fair guess, I'd say.  It turns out, however, tests did not support that theory.

Now, the father and attorneys of that man, are claiming that he was acting in self-defense after being "attacked" by the officers.  Further, they claim that officers acted on the presumption that he was on drugs rather than it being a legitimate mental health incident, given that he's a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder.

All the witnesses that local media spoke with say that the police acted appropriately.

My take: Regardless of what the officers were thinking when they approached him (not that they could have known his personal history), when I watched the video evidence for the first time, I was not given the impression that the officers were attacking him.  It was clear that it was a situation that required multiple officers and as it escalated, increased force was obviously necessary.

I'm not saying you can't get a little sympathy for the guy by explaining the details of his situation, but, IMHO it's bogus to try and make this something that it's not.  It's not police brutality.

Watch the video below and weigh in!