I consider myself to be fair to authorities.  Perhaps, I even give them the benefit of the doubt too easily.  But, here's an instance where I just can't.

Alexander BOK is out doing the Ellen Dance Dare, breaking out in dance behind people unaware.  BOK does the dare in several places with several people.  Some are confused, some walk away, some talk to him.  But when he dances behind an NYPD officer, that officer along with several others, find no humor in the situation.

They slam him against their vehicle, detain him, call him names and eventually toss him on to the ground.

I can think of no possible justification for this behavior from a department that is already on edge over brutality claims.

The first video shows the interaction with police.  The second is the full video, where BOK successfully completes Ellen's Dance Dare on several occasions.  It will be interesting to see if Ellen airs or addresses the NYPD incident.

This happened on Christmas eve.

The incident:

The full video: