Let me say it again, for those of you possibly still in disbelief... Yes, tomorrow (July 1st) at the HopCat in East Lansing (and other locations as well), they will be giving away a free order of their signature Crack Fries with any purchase. All.Day.Long! If you still have your doubts, check out this article from the Detroit Free Press! I think that makes it official, right?

If you've never been to HopCat and experienced the oh-so-addictive deliciousness that is their Crack Fry, then you are missing out my friend. What makes them so addictive? They take their fries and lightly batter them in beer before they fry them. Then they get seasoned with some appetizing spices. And voila! They are scrumptious and super addictive, hence the moniker "Crack Fries".

And the whole reason behind this gifting of free food? HopCat's Crack fries have recently been named one of America's 10 Best Fries AND were celebrated in Food Network's Magazine for the July/August issue. So HopCat's founder, Mark Sellers, wanted to commemorate this honor the best way he knows how... with free Crack Fries. Sellers also considers this an opportunity to says thanks to all their loyal customers, as well as score some new ones in the process.

Make sure to get your hands on some free Crack Fries tomorrow. They are available all day, with any purchase, at their East Lansing location as well as several others. Get location and hours of operation info by clicking HERE.