According to Safestart 25% of accidents everyday are caused by distractions on the road for drivers. But did you know there are quite a few distractions in your car or outside, and these cause accidents. Below are the Top 10 distractions that cause accidents and some might surprise you as how often they happen.

  1. Smoking related 1%. 
  2. Moving objects – 1%. Objects moving in your car or on your dashboard, or an insect distracting you.
  3. Using devices/controls to operate the vehicle – 1%. 
  4. Adjusting audio or climate controls – 2%. Just leave your radio on 97.5 NOW FM and then you will never have to touch the radio
  5. Eating or drinking – 2%. Every car has cupholders and this leads to some distraction
  6. Using or reaching for a device brought into the car – 2%.  This is just reaching for your device or phone NOT USING IT!
  7. Other occupants – 5%. Other people in your car always lead to some confusion and you taking your eyes off the road
  8. Outside person, object or event – 7%. Don't be a rubbernecker. This causes accidents everyday.
  9. Cellphone use – 12%. This is only the second leading cause but it doesn't mean that you should still be using your phone while driving.
  10. Generally distracted or “lost in thought” – 62%. By far the biggest cause of distracted driving fatalities is just like the title says your are lost in thought or your mind is just wandering which is something that might happen if you drive for long periods of time.

So basically if you want to avoid these distractions on the road, make sure your radio, climate control are set before you start to drive and put your phone away in the middle console but i'd recommend not to leave your phone in your pocket cause if it rings it can also cause problems while you are driving