Here's the scenario:

Your 14 year old's school assigns reading material that is not borderline risque, it's outright pornographic.  The content is literally the exact same that would appear in Playboy or Hustler or some other adult magazine.  You, among many other parents, naturally outraged, attend a school board meeting to discuss the matter.  The school board won't respond to your questions and won't address your concerns, they simply give you time to vent.  And by "time to vent" I mean 2 minutes.

Sidebar: If you've ever been to a school board meeting you know that this is exactly how they go.

But you, a responsible, intelligent person, a taxpaying citizen, and more importantly, a good parent, want action.  You want accountability.  You want to show your kids that when something isn't right, you don't sit back and do nothing, and when you take your concerns to the people who are supposed to be setting examples for your kids, you want your kids to see a respectful, open, honest dialogue.

Too. Much. To. Ask.

But this... THIS... is ridiculous.

She could feel his [EDITED], hot against her stomach.

And when William Baer, an attorney who has a 14 year old daughter in the Gilford New Hampshire school district, went to the school board meeting to get some answers after seeing the reading assignment that contained the above (un-edited) quote, as well as similar texts describing "adult" situations, he was -- wait for it -- ARRESTED.  Why?  For violating the 2 minute rule.  (Or, in police words, "disorderly conduct.")

After Baer was refused responses to his questions about the assignment, he asked board members to read aloud some of the text from the book.  That request was also refused.

Raw arrest video: 

This school board is an embarrassment.  They should be ashamed.  The teacher(s) involved should be ashamed, or better yet, sent home.  The police officer, although just doing his job, should be (and the video suggests he might be) ashamed.

By the way, that book, Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult, is about school shootings.  Bullying and sexual violence are also big themes in the book.  Baer said "If I stood outside the school and started handing out copies of page 313 of that book, I am confident I could be arrested for the distribution of pornographic material to minors.”

Click to watch: Baer speaks with NH TV station