A few weeks ago I asked you guys how you stay fit and what you do when you get active. An overwhelming amount of you told me that running was the best way to get up off the couch and start getting in shape for the summer. Well, one of my life goals is to run in a 5k. My friends over at Playmakers heard all about what I wanted to do about getting active and had me out to their store in Okemos. I learned so much about running and got some new gear so I can properly run and feel great afterwards.

Now for the hard part, I actually had to get up and start doing it. So I started slow. Really slow. Doing about a mile or so a day for a few days a week. I tried to build up on that every single time I went out. I think I'm starting to get close. I can pretty much run 2-2.5 miles every time I go without feeling like I'm going to die. This may not sound like a lot, but for me, a guy who hates exercise and running in general, this is amazing. I'm starting to feel pretty good about myself and seeing if I can actually do this 5K. I did a mile a few days ago in 9 minutes and 42 seconds. But that's with me totally hauling butt. What's your best mile time?

Let's see if you can beat my time. I think you can. I'll check back in next week with another time and an update on where I'm at with getting fit this spring. It's the weekend, so I may not go as hard over these next few days, but it's important to do something, especially if the weather will cooperate. Maybe just walk a mile or so? Anyway, we'll be picking listeners to run on team 975 this summer with me in the Subway Summer Trail Series. So keep checking back in on updates and get moving!