Liberty Bottleworks in Yakima, Washington isn't immune from a negative review here or there.  Hey, even 97.5 NOW FM has been known to get a complaint every now and then.  (*snicker*)

So a grumpy, grinchy customer posts an obnoxious public complaint on the company's Facebook page and like most companies would do, Liberty Bottleworks could have ignored the complaint, or even deleted it.  Instead, Liberty's COO, Ryan Clark, responded with my personal favorite kind of "diplomatic, kill-'em-with-kindness" comeback.

The result?  Well, besides pure entertainment for the masses, how about a crap-ton of new business for the company.  So much new business, in fact, that they had to put new customers on notice that they are running a bit behind.

Mama always said "you get more bees with honey..."

I mean, she typed in all caps.  How rude.