If, during these last few months of Presidential campaigning, you've ever thought to yourself or said out loud, "If Trump becomes President, I'm moving to Canada!", well then, YOU'RE IN LUCK! Cape Brenton welcomes you!

"Cape Brenton if Donald Trump Wins" is a website created and launched by Canadian radio personality Rob Calabrese. MLive says Calabrese created the website as a cheeky way of driving tourism to his hometown, but he's actually gotten some serious inquires. If you ARE interested, you'll be happy to know that in an article by CBC News Calabrese seems like he's very welcoming, saying,  "Hey, if you're going to move to Canada, why not move to Cape Breton?"

The website lists various selling points as to why you should move to Canada. Things like "If you have a baby, you get paid leave for almost a year." Plus Calabrese adds, "If you cut your hand, you can go to the doctor and get stitched up for free." The site even goes so far as to let people know that they don't live in igloos; the weather in Cape Breton is quite like that of North East U.S.A. You can check out the many other great selling points HERE.

I don't know about you, but as for myself... well... I may need to learn Canada's National Anthem pretty soon, lol! Ohhhhhhhhh Canada!

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