A friend of mine pointed out a really great foundation happening at MSU and I'm really honored to be a part of their event this Saturday night. They'll be raising money to send kids to camp who don't get to enjoy after school activities quite as much as other kids at their school because these kids have parents who have been diagnosed with cancer. We all know someone affected by this horrible disease, but think if you were a child and your parent was going through this incredibly difficult time. Money is tight and parents may not be able to send their kids to a summer camp to have memories that other kids may get to experience.

This is a great organization that help kids do just that. Get to the summer camp of their dreams and make life long friendships/memories. While it may be too late to purchase tickets to their event this Saturday night, I felt as if I should at least help tell people just exactly what this is all about. So, if you find yourself in a giving mood or you just want to learn more about a really great organization, visit their website: http://campkesem.org/msu