Budding actors slash movie enthusiasts, check this out! Apparently, Warner Bros is casting extras in Lansing for an unnamed movie. Mum's the word on what movie this could be but SOURCES, (like, everyone) says it's for Batman v. Superman! Who knows if stars Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill would be around, but how awesome is that?!?!? To be an extra for a major motion picture right here in your own city! Here's the information we have so far:


Filming takes place October 16th and 17th, all night.

Extras are paid $65.20 for 8 hours and overtime after that.

Must be 18 and legal to work in the United States.

Email a current casual photo, name, DOB, and cell phone number to wb@realstyleonline.com with the subject line, Lansing Extras.

Good luck!