I read an article about a guy in Boston packaging and selling the city's "historic snow," and people are buying -- to the tune of hundreds of dollars!  Not one to poo-poo another's creative (and successful) idea, I got to work thinking about how I, too, could capitalize on Mother Nature.

I'm excited to roll out my first effort -- Historic Arctic Michigan Air.  That's right, we've set all-time records -- not just daily records, but, with three days left in the month of February, it's about to be the coldest February on record across the state.

As a matter of interesting, product-moving fact, on February 20th, according to MLive, one city in Michigan bottomed out at -39, only five degrees warmer than the North Pole!

That's right, friends.  This is Santa Snow!

Santa snow is no ordinary snow.  It's a magical, whimsical, special kind of precipitation -- with the dust from flying reindeer hooves and dental hygienist elves.  You can't get this kind of snow anywhere els-- oh wait -- I'm supposed to be selling air.

This is the coldest air there is folks.  This is the kind of magical, whimsical air that Santa's reindeer and elves breathe at the North Pole!

That's right, friends.  This is Santa Air!

Patent pending.

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