Sounds like there will be a new craft brew hangout in the Lansing area this summer, according to the Lansing State Journal. Two dudes, who graduated from Dewitt High School and still reside in Dewitt, are opening a microbrewery hopefully by August. At that point, the snow finally may be melted away and we can enjoy a damn beer! I digress. Anyway, there really isn't a market for craft beer here in Lansing thus far. I think I may know of one other brewery in the area. Especially when Michigan as a whole is such a phenomenal beer state. With what seems to be the beer capital of the universe right down the express way in Grand Rapids. Look for Ellison Brewery and Spirits coming this summer at one point.

They will also try their hand at a few liquors as well. Featuring gin and vodka to go along with their beer selection. Since today is practically Friday to begin with, why don't we start the celebration a little early today? What are your favorite beverages? You in to craft beer? Maybe you just like a good gin and tonic like myself. Regardless, we're talking alcohol on the show this afternoon, so tune in and crack one open with me at 2pm on 975 NOW FM.