There is a big vote going on now for the next set of LEGOs products, and Mackinac Island Grand Hotel could be the winner. This would mean that there would a line of "Mackinac Island Grand Hotel" LEGO sets coming out soon and you could have your own in your house.

This is all made possible by LEGO which looks for new products every year and allows users to tell or show them new products or places/things that could be sold. You can see below more about the Grand Hotel LEGO model and a little history and background about how it was made.


Also if you want the Grand Hotel to win as the next LEGO product then you need to vote it in. You can see more about it and also place your vote here. To make this a reality the Grand Hotel model needs 10,000 supporters and right now it has over 2,000.  So if you have never been there or want a smaller version of the Grand Hotel in your place then you will need make an account on the site and vote. The set needs 8,000 more supporters but don't worry as the deadline isn't for another year.  As a fan of LEGOs myself I would love to spend my weekend putting this 900+ piece puzzle.

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