Lansing you will have a chance to get rid of yard waste but you will have drop it off starting this week and continuing through April. The drop off will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as well as an extra day on Saturday April 25th. The drop off service will be available from 9am to 2pm at Hammond Farms at 5834 Michigan Road in Dimondale.

To be able to drop off your yard waste you will have to provide proof of residency in Lansing. To drop off your waste you must make sure, your waste are in lawn/leaf bags and those bags cannot exceed 30 pounds. In addition, if you have bundles make sure they are tied with twine and not wire and branches or other sticks can't be longer than 4 feet.

Yard waste collection will most likely start back up in May, but you can see more about this drop off service here. 

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