Growing up with parents who were, by their own definition and description, hippies the idea of living "off the grid" has always had an appeal. At least in my mind. In reality if I lose my phone for 10 minutes I have a panic attack so I don't think I'd do well in a disconnected environment. But, if "off the grid" is a dream of yours you can find it just down the road in Three Rivers.

A local, self sustained farm in Three Rivers recently published a craigslist ad looking for like minded people who want to live off the grid. It'll cost you $800 a month but look at all the benefits...

  • Access to the entire property
  • Keep your own livestock
  • Enjoy a portion of everything grown on the property

The ad goes on to say that RV's, trailers and tiny homes are welcome. Or, a barn is available to be converted into either a long term or short term home. They also say that the $800 a month shouldn't be viewed as rent. More so, it's like a 'membership fee' with all funds going back to the farm to keep everything as off grid as possible.

If you don't have a tiny home or don't know how to convert a bard to a livable home, I think you're out of luck. However, the ad does say that they'll be willing to help with construction.

Only one question remains...okay more than one but my main one is this...if you're off the grid how can you afford, at minimum, $800 a month in expenses. This is a serious question.

I get the allure. I really do. In fact, this past weekend I took a break from social media and it was so refreshing. It's been a year of bad news and it would be perfectly understandable if someone wanted to take a break. It's probably a bad sign, though,  that my first thought when reading this was "what about internet" and not "what about indoor plumbing". Maybe I DO need to get off the grid for a bit.

Those interested can contact the original poster here.

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