I love going on vacation and have been blessed to go on a few that I loved.  One that stands out is cruise I took with a friend to the Alaska Glaciers  It was amazing and if it's something you would like to do here, is Yelp's top 10 Alaska cruises.

I also went to Switzerland about 12 years ago and it was absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend it. One of the best vacations destinations for me has been Las Vegas.  There are great restaurants, shows, gambling and plenty to see in the desert sun. Plus every year there is always something new to see.

But here's a question for you. Would you get on a plane to go on vacation if you did not know the destination? Yep a mystery vacation. Air New Zealand is offering this hoping it will boost travel which has been down of course because of the pandemic. Check it out at Travellandleisure.com.

I would love to do this. How exciting to get on a plane with a few friends and not know where your next vacation is gonna be. Let's face it, with the right people you can have fun anywhere. With Airlines trying to survive, I think this is a great idea.

Think about it. The excitement of landing and not knowing where you're at till you get off the plane. Could be someplace like Italy, Greece, or someplace fun like the Grand Canyon or Key West Florida.

Would you go on a trip like this?  Where would you hope to go?

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