Getting matching tattoos with a loved one or best friend isn't exactly uncommon, but it's usually discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

One man took to Reddit explaining his best friend became angry after he got a last-minute tattoo matching her own ink without asking first.

He said he got a rabbit tattoo after showing his tattoo artist a picture of his friend's ink as a reference. She was "mad" when she found out.

"My friend Jenna and I have been friends since we met freshman year in college about three years ago. We met during orientation when I offered to sit with her at lunch and we’ve been best friends ever since," he wrote via Reddit. "It’s almost weird to go a day without us spending time together."

He detailed that during a "bachelor trip" with some friends in Las Vegas, they all decided to get tattoos together on a whim.

The man couldn't decide which tattoo to get, so he thought of Jenna's tattoo and decided to copy it.

"I ended up getting a rabbit tattoo and showed the artist a picture of my friend Jenna’s tattoo for reference. We’ve been friends for years so why not get matching tattoos. I was so excited to show her and surprise her so I didn’t even tell her that we were getting tattoos," he continued, adding that Jenna wasn't pleased when she found out.

Allef Vinicius via Unsplash
Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

"Today, we had planned to get coffee together and hang out so I thought this would finally be the time to surprise her," he wrote. "I took her to her favorite coffee shop, bought us both coffee, and grabbed us a table before I showed her my tattoo."

However, it turned out Jenna's rabbit tattoo had a special meaning to her: It was done in memory of her late grandfather. She told her friend the sentiment had been ruined now that he copied it without asking her.

"She was super surprised, but not in the way I expected her to be. She was actually mad about it. Apparently, that tattoo was representing her grandfather and was very meaningful to her. I explained that it reminded me of her so it was very meaningful to me too," he shared. "She stormed out of the coffee shop and hasn’t texted or called me back at all today."

The man was left confused, believing he didn't do anything wrong as lots of "friends get matching tattoos."

However, Reddit users sided with Jenna in the comments, insisting he stole the tattoo rather idea since he didn't ask her beforehand.

"You stole her tattoo. You didn't get a matching one, you copied hers. This is the equivalent of photocopying someone's essay and saying you worked on it together, of course she's mad. I don't even know how you could fix this because you permanently stole the art on her body and put it on yours, attempting to change the meaning of hers in the process," one person wrote.

"It used to be a tribute tattoo. Now it's the tattoo a weird guy she knew from college copied and sprung on her. She'll never be able to look at that tattoo the same after this, it will always be associated with OP [original poster] now," another user commented.

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