A woman caused a stir on Reddit when she revealed she interrupted her husband's business meeting to ask him to celebrate her sister's birthday instead.

"I was invited to my sister's (18th) birthday [a] few days ago. My husband didn't come because he said he had a [dinner meeting] with some clients," the woman wrote via Reddit, explaining how her family was disappointed that her husband couldn't attend.

However, she was shocked when she saw her husband at the same restaurant as her sister's birthday dinner.

After she approached the table he was seated at with his colleagues to request he come over to her family's table for cake, her husband became irate.

"I waved for him and he saw me, but ignored me. He obviously was as much as surprised as I was. I stood there and said excuse me… [and asked] if he'd take a few minutes to join me and the family in candle blowing and [saying] happy birthday," the woman wrote.

"I insisted, saying it'd just take a couple of minutes and it'd mean so much to my sister. He sat with us while my sister blew the candles and cut the cake… [then] he got up and walked back to his table looking pissed," she continued.

According to the woman's post, she and her husband didn't talk again until they got home.

"Later at home… he was upset and started scolding me in front of my parents saying I embarrassed him and made him look unprofessional. I told him he overreacted since it only took a few minutes… he called me ignorant and accused me of tampering with his work but I responded that ignoring mine and my family's presence was unacceptable," she concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the woman for assuming her sister's birthday party was more important than her husband's work commitments.

"Congratulations to your sister but work meetings trump [sister-in-law's] birthday. You and your family's response and lack of support is what is unacceptable. You and your parents are adults, it is your jobs to manage your feelings. Your sister is 18, not 6," one person wrote.

"YOU [AND] YOUR FAMILY DELIBERATELY SABOTAGED HIS CAREER. What you did was disrespectful to your husband and his clients," another commented.

"He was working, you knew from the START he was working [and] you could've told your parents and guests he was working. Instead, you went over and interrupted an important dinner," someone else wrote.

"You and your family seem very immature if you can't recognize that sometimes people are not able to participate in events if they have other commitments, just because you think they should," another user commented.

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