Having a baby can affect a person's sleep schedule, but it can also affect those around the parent as well. While many are understanding of this, one woman wasn't willing to lose sleep.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained why she decided to file a noise complaint against her neighbor due to the neighbor's crying child.

The woman wrote the newborn has been "screaming" every couple hours, preventing her from sleeping.

She noted that she works as a resident in a medical profession and is often exhausted even without the added noise, and so after a while she decided to speak to her landlord about potential soundproofing.

"I live in an apartment. I’m a resident in a medical profession and I work 100-hour weeks plus a lot of additional hours of studying and paperwork. I hardly sleep as is," she wrote.

The tired woman continued: "My downstairs neighbor had a baby last month. Since she came home from the hospital I haven’t slept through the night. I’m woken up every 1-2 hours by the baby and this baby screams."

While she did go on to clarify that she understands the mom is "trying her best," she asserted she "can't sleep" with all of the noise.

The woman revealed that she did try to talk to her neighbor about it before approaching the landlord, but was unable to because when she did the baby was sleeping. However, once the woman spoke to the landlord, she received an angry visit from the mother who called her "selfish."

During the visit, the woman "lost it" and screamed back at the mother, telling her she should move out of her apartment if she "can't soundproof."

Now, the woman feels awful about the incident with the mother, but doesn't know how to resolve the situation considering both parties are sleep deprived.

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