Whether you call them wind turbines or windmills – these things are creepy.

Whenever I take a roadtrip up north, I usually take US-127. Just before I reach Ithaca, there they are...on the horizon...and the closer I get, the creepier they look. They remind me of the aliens in “War of the Worlds”, all getting in formation, ready to annihilate the earthlings and take over the planet.

Once I reach the junction of 127 and Hayes Road, they start appearing... multiplying... never stopping their breeding process...

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Yeah, I know what their purpose is. Put simply, they transfer wind energy into electrical energy. But that doesn't prevent me from noticing the creepy feeling I get from these turbines.

The debate on these goes on.
Some think they are great, necessary, and cost-effective.
Others say they blot the countryside.

Some look at these turbines and feel a sense of calm.
Others feel threatened, scared, and worried.

I am not taking sides.
All I'm saying is: whenever I go north, I am always reminded of “War of the Worlds”. Someone should make a sci-fi movie out of these...where they finally uproot themselves and plunder their way across Michigan.

I'd buy that.


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