UPDATE: Sony cancels theatrical release of 'The Interview' amid terror threat


We talked about this last hour on the show today. Had some phone calls and tweets come in from you guys in regards to what I asked and it seemed pretty even across the board. Would you go see 'The Interview' with James Franco and Seth Rogen?  I only ask because there are some pretty serious threats happening out there on the internet and news channels regarding movie theaters that plan on showing the flick. In this day in age you can never really be too sure anymore. I was just looking ahead to some future giveaways we had planned and one of this was one of the movies that we were going to give away tickets to at Celebration! Cinema.

Not sure if they still plan on showing the movie but we will keep you posted. Had a phone call earlier on the air that you may have heard. This listener was particularly scared or worried or anything like that due to threats, but he didn't want to see it because it looked terrible. Ha! That is one answer I didn't think of. People all over Twitter and Facebook today have been boasting about what good publicity this is for the movie. But is it really working to the movies advantage? Especially after multiple reports of theaters pulling the feature. Here is the whole story from Buzzfeed.

Let's make this a pill question for the rest of the show. Will you go see 'The Interview' if it hits theaters? Or will you take a pass? Vote here: