The number of teen drivers in Michigan has declined by 14 percent since 2000, according to federal data.

In a study published in January, U-M researchers found tons of research why teens are driving less

  1. 25% of 16 year old Americans had a license in 2014 compared to 46 percent in 1983. Among 19-year-olds, the percentage dropped from 87 to 69 percent.
  2. Males were more likely to have a license over a female. Slightly though 62% over 60% females.
  3. The number of fatal crashes involving young drivers has dropped over the past 20 years. Accidents involving alcohol has dropped drastically which is good but during the summer months it tends to happen more frequently.
  4. Another reason why there may be less teen drivers is cause of the internet and making it easier to communicate with friends far away.
  5. Having and maintaining a car costs too much money and public transportation is easily accessible now.

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