***Attention if you haven't seen this movie yet there are spoilers in this blog!***

So I took myself to see Maleficent last night (on my own personal self date so maybe this is why I loved Maleficent even more), but the movie was FANTASTIC!

Here's why: most Disney movies that I have grown up with have a princess that ends up happily ever after with the prince charming... and the entire theme of the movie is HOW CAN THE GIRL GET THE GUY.

Maleficent is WAY different! Basically, you think that Maleficent is going to be this terrible villain, but she isn't. Yes she fell in love and the guy she ended up falling in love with almost killed her for his own self gain. So Maleficent wasn't just a mean chick for no reason, she was scorned by the guy she was in love with!

Anyway, the rest of the theme of the movie is 'True Love doesn't exist' by this bitter Maleficent who ends up truly loving 'Sleeping Beauty' as she watched her grow up. The best part of this movie is that the prince doesn't wake Sleeping Beauty up with 'True Loves Kiss' but it is actually Maleficent who in a tear filled apology kisses her forehead and that is what wakes up Sleeping Beauty!

Then Maleficent makes Sleeping Beauty the queen of her land and it's not the typical 'run away with a prince and live happily ever after' ending.

It's great for girls to see because it one shows a great bond between women/mother/daughter. Two it shows that you don't need a prince to carry you off into the sunset to be amazing. Three the movie itself is just amazing.

Anyway there's my two cents... if you have a daughter and haven't taken her to see Maleficent yet, take her, it's amazing.