Thousands of customers have been complaining about a change to their Boar's Head American Cheese that has left them frustrated and confused.

Last month I shared a story after realizing that my cheese wasn't melting. It turns out, I wasn't the only one. People from all over the country reached out to say that they, too, had noticed that Boar's Head American Cheese was no longer melting. Some even shared photos and video of their cheese being tortured, yet still remaining a hard, firm square.

Because of all the attention this story received, I was sure Boar's Head would reach out with some sort of explanation. Surprisingly, they have not. Aside from canned responses on social media, the company has yet to make an announcement about the problem or offer a recall. Boar's Head has been thanking customers for pointing out the issue and encouraging them to return their cheese to the store for a refund. Aside from that, to our knowledge the company has not provided any further information as to why the cheese isn't melting or what steps, if any, are being done to fix it.

Just when I thought I'd never find out what was going on, I received a mysterious message from a cheese worker in Minnesota who says he knows exactly what happened. I've never written an investigative report before, so the thought of being able to bust this case wide open intrigued me. I decided to take the person up on their offer to spill the beans in hopes of finally getting to the bottom of this mystery.

In exchange for remaining anonymous, the cheese worker shared information about the problem behind Boar's Head's cheese melting issue.  According to the source, Boar's Head doesn't actually make their own cheese. Another company, Bongards Premium Cheese, is apparently contracted to produce many of Boar's Head's cheese varieties. This is a common practice in the industry called contract packaging or copacking.

My source says that the cheese is safe to eat, but claims the recipe was altered, resulting in unintended consequences. According to the cheese worker, "an extra ingredient was added to try and keep the cheese more firm, which caused an unseen melting issue." When asked if the ingredient would remain in the cheese, he revealed that it has "since been removed."

We still have no official statement from Boar's Head, as the company has still not responded my phone calls.

In the meantime, it's unclear just how much of the incorrectly made cheese was produced or remains on shelves at your local deli. With no official recall, it's unknown if Boar's Head is actually replacing the cheese, or just waiting for stocks of the bad batch to be sold before replacing it with new cheese. Again, if Boar's Head releases any official information we will update this story.

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