Who is getting down and dirty on the regular here in this great state? Is it you? Well, how many kids do you have? No doubt there are a lot of people having sex out there but not all interactions come with the result of having a kid. So, let's take a look at some of these numbers, shall we? According to this article from Mlive, it seems that Kent County is putting up the biggest numbers when it comes to having kids these days in Michigan. How many you ask? Well, they're having 14.5 babies per 1,000 residents. Not really sure hoe you have a half of a baby, but I digress.

So, not a lot happening in Kent County is there? Got a lot of time on their hands? Well maybe not because they have so many kids. Making the kid is fun and all but that translates in to a lifetime of work, ha! Well just because they have the most kids per ca pita doesn't mean that the county overall had the most kids in the state. Overall, Wayne County had the most children this past year with 22,000 plus confirmed and registered births. Well, that's a whole lot of babies right there, Damn. Where does your county rank? You can find out on the Mlive article above.