For some reason, masks have become a controversial issue. Now you can see who across Michigan and the country are actually wearing them.

I recently came across an interesting map on an Instagram page, Datastuffplus, which uses google trends or surveys to find out different question. Face coverings are mandated by most retailers all around the country, but not everyone is wearing them, which is clear based on the map below. Just know that this map isn't 100% accurate, but it is based on a survey of random people in different situations and seeing if they are wearing a mask or not.

You can see from the map below that most of Southeastern Michigan is shaded purple, which means that 80-100% of people are wearing masks. The Lansing area isn't so shaded in purple, which means that we have some work to do. This survey was taken last week, so we probably have more purple on this map now, since you have to wear a mask pretty much everywhere in Michigan now. I think it is interesting that most of the U.P and northern Michigan look to be in 40-60% mask wearing range, which is a lot better than some areas of the south and Midwest.

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