I love all kinds of pasta, whether that means egg noodles, spaghetti, lasagna, macaroni, or ramen (and not in that order), and I think I could eat pasta for every meal. I went through a phase a few years ago where all I ate was egg noodles, and I probably could do it again if it wasn't for my body wanting meat and vegetables.

I'm not the only pasta lover out there, though. There are enough people who care about the health benefits (or consequences) of eating pasta that they did a research study about it. Check it out here.

With all the talk of pasta, you're probably getting pretty hungry. I have a few suggestions of places where you can find the best pasta in Lansing. I've tried a lot of places, so I'll give you a few of my picks as well as picks from people on Yelp.

First, if you are looking for pasta done the Italian way, then you have to check out Deluca's, which is actually rated #1 on Yelp. If you are looking for meals with lots of pasta or good lasagne, some other places to check out are: Pizzano's, Cugino's, or Tony M's.

Now, lets get to what you really clicked on this article for. Take the quiz below to find out what pasta best describes you as a person. In case you were wondering, I'm Bow-Tie.

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