This argument started at sub shop the other day with a certified sandwich specialist. I love a good tuna fish sandwich. Mind you mayo, tuna, maybe relish, some onion...I keep it simple. When you start throwing celery, grapes, other fruits & nuts in there, you've gone too far Karen (think SNL T'challa Black Jeopardy Potato Salad). The subject of Tuna Melt came up and I reacted violently. The thought of warm tuna with mayo heated up and with melted cheese on top turns my stomach. I've tried it and I'd rather not. Dude even went so far as to praise a tuna melt with bacon on it. Your insanity, sodium level, and cholesterol levels must be stopped sir.

Then, I countered with this. I would rather eat pizza with pineapple on it and it was if I insulted his mother. He called it an abomination! The struggle and hate was real. He and I went back and forth on this for what seemed and eternity. I told him he could put bacon on it if it made him feel better and he was even more offended I would do that to bacon. He then proceeded to tell me warm fruit on pizza was a bad idea anytime, anywhere. I countered the same theory with warm tuna...and mayo. Stomach curdling. And then I told him I would bring this argument to you. So what say you?

Which is worse?

This heated mayo and cheese fish combo...

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Or this non offensive pizza delicacy that's truly delicious? Ok...I admit, I am biased.

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