This one is for all my fellow bra-wearers here in Mid-Michigan.

We all know what a pain bra shopping is, what bra wearing is, right?

Then there are those bras you get that maybe you didn't take the time to try on and they are just SO uncomfortable on YOUR body but you feel guilty just throwing them away?

Well, turns out there are options when it comes to a way to get rid of them that is not only better for the planet, but can help another bra-wearer out there!

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Donating Gently Used Bras in Michigan

Now, we should preface this by saying if your bras are dingy, stained, have holes in them and are just generally kind of gross (it happens), you should definitely just toss them, there's nothing you can do with them at that point.

However, if you wish to ones that are in perfectly good condition that you just don't need cluttering up your collection anymore, there are options for that!

For example, "Free The Girls", while based out of Indiana actually has multiple drop-off spots in Michigan.

What is "Free The Girls"

First of all, can we talk about what a fun name that is? It's such a perfect play on common euphemism for what bras are used for. Of course, it is ironic because by donating bras you are actually giving other people "boob prisons" and in turn, not freeing them...that's all besides the point.

So, "Free The Girls" is based out of Chesterton, Indiana.

According to their website, you can mail your gently used bras to them, but if you are donating five or less there are drop-off locations (we'll get to those).

They also have resources and options for you to get involved in any way from monetary donations to actually hosting your own bra drive in your community and more, CLICK HERE.

Michigan Bra Drop-Off Locations

On the "Free The Girls" website, they also say you can get involved by making your business, church, etc. a drop-off location!

However, there are some drop-off locations that already exist around Michigan, and by looking at their map locator on their website, it looks like "Free The Girls" has a pretty sweet thing going on with Hanesbrands stores.

Here are where you can drop-off your bras if you are donating five or less here in Michigan:

  • Auburn Hills Hanesbrands - Great Lakes Crossings Outlets in Auburn Hills
  • Title Nine Ann Arbor
  • Howell Hanesbrands - Tanger Outlets Howell
  • Birch Run Hanesbrands - Birch Run Premium Outlets

While donating a bra may feel weird to some people or may make you think "nobody's going to want to wear this", you never know until you actually do it how you could change someone's life and confidence with such a small thing!

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