I don't know if you have thought about this, or have done anything about it . Nor, do I know if you know anyone who has considered the same thing, but it would be this:

Have you considered moving from where you live to another location that you think would be more non-COVID-19 friendly? Do you know anyone who has considered the same thing, or even made that move?

I have to tell you that I will not divulge any names (with all due respect to this individual, you probably wouldn't know his name anyway because he's not like a big country star) but I had an email conversation with someone here of late who told me that he didn't have access to certain business documents because he moved with his family deep into the woods away from the possibility that he felt of contracting the Coronavirus at his home.

I'm not judging here but I couldn't tell if he was pulling my leg or not. And I didn't say anything to him either because I don't want to offend anyone.

Back to my original thought here, I wonder how many people have made the move from somewhere because of the pandemic? Well here's the good news, according to businessinsider.com if you live in Lansing and didn't make a move, you are at least in a great place to be after the pandemic.

Why? Well according to their criteria that helped them formulate a Top 30 list of great cities to reside after COVID-19, it has something to do with jobs that can be done at home and the cost of living here.

I don't want to have to say "spoiler alert" and say too much now, so check out the list here because not only is Lansing on that list, but also 29 other cities and interesting reasons why. You may even know someone that lives in the rest of the Top 30.

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